The Discord server is where the community is the most active. Topics vary between chatting about the mod, the official NFC server, or pretty much anything in the #offtopic channel. If you want to get in contact with the devs, chat with the community, or just ask anything about the mod, please do join the Discord :)

Minecraft Server

IP Address: nfc-crafters.ddns.net
Alternate IP:
Dynmap: nfc-crafters.ddns.net:9000/

If you want to join the Minecraft server, this is the IP you'll use to join it. The server is running on NFC version v3.4.1_01, which you can find the download to for yourself here. Please do feel free to join at any time, and enjoy yourself.

New Frontier Craft Forums

The official New Frontier Craft forums are the location of the majority of information related to this mod. Much of this content will be slowly migrated over to this website as time goes on.