NFC v3.4.2 Mods and Addons
This is the central repository for all mods that have been made specifically for, or are intended or verified for use with, New Frontier Craft version v3.4.2.

It is highly recommended you install MultiMC if you want to use addons with NFC, as it greatly simplifies the installation, bugtesting, and issue reporting process. You can find MultiMC on and the MultiMC instance for NFC at the bottom of this page if you haven't already installed it

Note: Regardless of the name of the mod in regards to what version of NFC it was intended for, if a mod is listed on this page it has been verified to work with v3.4.2.

Yellow Text = Incompatibilities/Issues/Caveats
Red Text = Unfinished and/or Download Not Available

Addon Installation Variants


These are the old style of mods. Installation is accomplished by adding the files to the Minecraft jar.

For the Mojang Launcher, installation of these mods is started by first finding the NFC jar in the folder of the same name inside the versions folder, which is located in your .minecraft folder in appdata. Then, open the jar with your file archiver of choice (7zip, WinRAR, WinZip, Windows Explorer, etc...) and drag in the class files and folders from the base directory of the zip (unless otherwise specified by the file structure, instructions, readme, or description) into the jar

For MultiMC, start by right clicking the MultiMC instance (the icon with the text) on the main MultiMC window. Then click "Edit Instance". A screen will open up showing you the Version tab of the MultiMC instance. This is where you will install the addons from. Navigate to the right side of this window and find the button labeled "Add to Minecraft.jar". In the window that appears, navigate to, select, and click "Open" on the zip of the mod you're attempting to add.

Note, in some cases, the zip you download will not be the same file you need to add to the jar, and you'll need to first unzip it, and then zip back up the proper directory within the file. If this is the case, there will be a * on the installation label letting you know this.

ModLoader Mod

These are the simplest mods to install. Installation of these is the same as any Fabric or Forge mod for modern versions, just add the zip/jar for the mod to the mods folder in your .minecraft directory.

For the Mojang Launcher, the mods folder can be found in the .minecraft folder in appdata. If there is no folder called mods in this directory, create one.

For MultiMC, make sure to add these files to the .minecraft folder for the NFC instance, and not the .minecraft folder in appdata, as instances launched from MultiMC will not load mods from that mods folder.

The Essentials
These will be the core mods that most other mods will require in order to be installed. If a mod needs another mod to be installed first in order to work, it'll be on this list.