NFC Languagepacks

Language Packs are New Frontier Craft's take on adding custom language support to the game. Rather than the hardcoded and static language list that Mojang's modern Minecraft provides the player, NFC has a custom language system much the same as texturepacks. This means that players can add their own packs and customize them to their heart's content.

NFC has extended the translation keys in Beta to allow for basically every single line of text within the game to be translated by the user. There's hardly anything within the game that can't be translated.

Enhanced Language Character Support

NFC vastly overhauls the amount of language characters, adding numerous sheets featuring many additional diacritics, symbols, runes, and scripts. This means that most anything can be added to NFC. The font.txt file within the NFC jar has a list of all supported characters within the game. The font folder within the jar is where the textures for the individual characters can be found.

Creating New Languagepacks

The process of creating a new languagepack, whether it be for a translation or anything else, is simple. All you need to do is start with a .lang file one of the many that can be found within the lang directory within the NFC jar. Simply extract one of those from the NFC jar or installation zip. From there, open the lang file in your text editor of choice.

The first 2 lines define the title and authors of the pack, which will be displayed on the pack when selecting it in the languagepacks menu. The third line defines the splashes file that the game will load with the pack. Append "jar:" to the beginning of this line to use the Minecraft jar as the root folder for splashes. If "jar:" is not present, the "languagepacks" folder in your Minecraft instance folder is used as the root instead.

From there, all other translations will be on the right side of an = sign. To change any of these, just make sure to only change the text on the right side of the symbol. Any invalid or deleted language keys will fall back to what they are in the default en_US.lang NFC translation file.

When finished with your languagepack, place the custom .lang file in your languagepacks folder in your NFC directory.


If you want to contribute a new language translation to us, please join our Discord. If you can't figure out how to get your translation working correctly, or if the characters needed to translate your language are missing from the NFC font.txt file, we'd be happy to help you with adding them. And once you're finished we'd be more than happy to add your language and/or characters into the game.


Title Region Language Author
Беларуская Беларусь Belarusian Zdravich16
Български България Bulgarian Zdravich16
Čeština Česko Czech Pomi108
Deutsch Deutschland German Wapitiii_
English United States English Mojang & NFC Team
English United Kingdom English robertfwallis
Español Chile Spanish metallica5167
Français France French nocturni & Thierry05
Polski Polska Polish Dararess
Português Brasil Portuguese GioCk & Bdiacs
Русский Россия Russian Birevan
SGA United States English Birevan
Српски Србија Serbian Zdravich16
Українська Україна Ukrainian Zdravich16 & Mykola1914