Metals & Gems

Metals & Gems and their corresponding ores are the main highlight and largest area of change within New Frontier Craft. Vanilla Minecraft is known for its linear four tier progression: Wood → Stone → Iron → Diamond. In NFC, there are six tiers with multiple materials in each, with each tier requiring the tier below it to mine the ores needed for it (with the exception of alloys).

The number within the damage column is representative of the number of half hearts it takes away (Gems, Diamond, and Osmium do 10 Hearts of Damage and will one hit anything without armor).

The armor durability column is sorted by in order of Helmet, Chestplate, Leggings, then Boots.

Material Tier Chart


Future Ideas

Ores (such as Uranium), will be given more uses in the future than just acting as building materials

A rework to the Tier system is planned for v4.0.0 of NFC, which will make heavy edits and tweaks to the existing Tier system. For more information on that, it's recommended you read this page of the proposed changes.