The Wrench

The wrench is a configuration item in NFC. The recipe, and a few of the specific uses of the wrench can be found below.

Crafting Recipe

Vertically reflectable recipe:

Ingredients Recipe
3 Iron Ingots + Leather 3 Iron Ingots + Leather = Wrench

Configure Stairs/Slabs

Since NFC 1.8.6, NFC has had the ability to place upside down and sideways slabs, and upside down stairs. Configuring the placement state of stairs and slabs is incredibly simple. Just right click the block, and it'll rotate through all the different configuration states available.

Rotate Between Block Faces

Similar to the function of rotating through different configuration states, the wrench can be used on furnaces, dispensers, chests, ovens, and pistons to rotate them between all their valid states.

Configure Fence/Wall Connections

NFC allows the player to choose how they'd like for their fences/walls to connect to other nearby blocks. By default, NFC acts like regular Beta with how these blocks connect, with them only connecting to themselves (and our fence gates), and that's all. However, when clicked on by the wrench, they take on the property of modern fences, where they'll connect with any nearby block face. They can be cycled between these two states by clicking on them with the wrench, doing so as many times as you'd like.

Fence Unconnected Fence Connected